January Movies & Munchies Invitation

 Happy New Year!

Are you ready for a fun new blogging group?  This one is all about movies and the food you get inspired to make after watching!  And so I introduce: Movies & Munchies!

I’m hosting our first movie: Ocean’s Eleven.

You can find all the details on  how to join in the fun on the Facebook page.  But basically, you watch the movie, make a recipe, & share it on a blog or instagram!  I can’t wait to dive into this new movie watching foodie adventure!


  1. Watched it the other night....fun movie....not much food inspiration, other than Brad Pitt always seemed to be eating something in each scene. I was inspired however and will be posting shortly. Thanks Amy.

  2. About to post the round-up for the last FnF. Will put a link to your page. Can't wait to rewatch the film.

    1. Just posted Ocean's Eleven: http://eliotseats.com/2022/01/25/oceans-eleven/


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