French Macarons

Today’s Sunday Funday is a fun theme!  It is a Birthday Party Potluck to celebrate our host, Stacy’s, birthday!

Participants were given a lot of leeway on this one, and invited to share anything that one might bring to a birthday party!

I knew right away that I would share these French Macarons!

Last month, my friend asked me if I have even made macarons, because she had always hoped to try.  I had to admit that I thought they were overly fussy, so no, I had never tried them.

Of course, once someone mentions something to me, I can’t get it out of my head!  My friend’s birthday was coming up, so I invited her over for a macaron baking party and decided that we’d tackle this challenging recipe together!

And boy oh boy, was this one challenging.  There are lots of steps and lots of precision involved and you guys, I am not a precision person.  I’m a “feel the spirit”-“cook by taste”- “make bread by feel”- type of person.  Despite my natural inclinations, I brought out the food scale and weighed all of the ingredients and attempted to follow the instructions to a tee.  And I stand by my earlier assessment: macarons are very fussy to make!

I have to confess that only about half of the macarons came out as expected.  From what I can tell, most of the issues were due to a bad baking mat, as for the rest, I’m thinking I either over (or under) mixed or didn’t bake for the exact right amount of time.  

The macarons were also much sweeter than I would have expected!  However, they were lovely and the ones that came out were picture perfect and ready for a party!

I followed these directions precisely for the macarons.

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  1. Those look pretty perfect to me, Amy! A friend of mine lived in Paris a few years ago and while she was there she took a macaron baking class. Even learning in person from an experienced teacher, she said that it was a challenge and took practice, practice, practice to get it right. Well done for making the effort!

  2. They looks so gorgeous!!! Yes, macarons are drama filled aren't they? I sit by the oven window with the light on and "will" them to not crack and to form feet! Crazy making little cookies but great to conquer.

  3. Amy, French Macarons look so pretty and tempting. I love them. Love the beautiful colour, reminds me of the colours of a peacock feather. I too am tempted to bake them at home, but following the precise methods, too nerve wrecking.

  4. Perfectly made macarons! They are such lovely colour and shape and feet. Having said that I am glad you too agree they are fussy! I definitely not the person to make them they will all scramble away on their feet. :D


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