Jaws - A Food 'N Flix Round up

 Buckle up, because we’re going for a ride! 

This month, I made the obscure Food ‘n Flix choice: Jaws.  Jaws technically does take place over the 4th of July, but it is still a fairly non-foodie choice for this group.  Let’s see what everyone came up with, shall we?

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla was up first with a whole Jaws-themed 4th of July party!

Click here for her Jaw-some 4th of July Party details

Yours truly was up next with a Megalodon Shark cake that I made for my younger son's birthday, because is a shark fanatic!

Next up was Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm.

Wendy took inspiration from the fictional New England town the film was set in an made a New England Shrimp Boil.

Last up this month was Debra from Eliots Eats.

Debra took her inspiration from the sea and made Fried Fish!

Feel free to join us in August as we watch Moonrise Kingdom!


  1. Fun round with a lot of very different recipes. Thanks for hosting, Amy. It's good to be pushed a bit out of one's comfort zone (meaning a typical foodie movie).

  2. I twice made recipes for this month and both time forgot to take pictures. I like what was created!


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