Guacamole and Wine

It’s Food n Flix time hosted by Debra from Eliot's Eats.  Debra chose Bottle Shock, a drama based on the real events of a 1976 wine competition that put California wines on the map.

It was interesting researching later on which aspects of the movie were indeed fact and which were sensationalized.  It was also fascinating to see that the wineries mentioned in the movie still exist today.  I looked into the wines as a potential pairing...then I saw the price!  At over $100 per bottle, I simply couldn’t justify it!

So I went searching locally and found a California wine within my price range.  But what to do for a pairing?

The part that stuck out to me the most was part of a wine tasting montage in the movie.  In one scene, a white wine (presumably chardonnay) is offered alongside guacamole (avocados another southern California staple)...a pairing that is abhorrent to the main character.

I, however, love both avocados and guacamole and was fascinated by this pairing, even though I almost exclusively drink red wines.  I found a white chardonnay labeled Perseverance (I like the red from the same label), and thought it was the perfect sentiment for the scrappiness of 70’s California wine makers...well, their movie counterparts, at least.

I was pleasantly surprised by the chardonnay and even more surprised at how well the pairing worked!  The light acidity of the white wine balanced the creaminess of the avocado perfectly!


1 avocado

¼ jalapeno, seeded

2 tablespoons tomato, diced

1 teaspoon onion, diced

1 wedge of lime, juiced

1 small clove garlic, minced

Salt, to taste

Scoop the avocado into a bowl and lightly mash with a fork.  Add the remaining ingredients and stir until mixed.  Serve immediately.


  1. Nice Amy....I bought one of those overpriced bottles, not $100 but still very pricy.

  2. I had grandiose plans for this film (since I was hosting) and obviously had guacamole and chardonnay in my "to-make" notes. I have a bottle of Chateau Montelena but literally have had no time to taste it (and it wasn't $100 but pricey for us, nonetheless). I love a good guac and your recipe sounds delicious. Perseverance was a perfect pairing for this movie!


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