Baby Yoda Cake

You guys.

I made a cake today, because my older kiddo is 13. THIRTEEN!  AAHHHH!!!!  I have a teenager in the house!

He always asks for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite!) but since he’s getting big and cool he doesn't always have a cake decoration request anymore (sad!) 

This year, when I asked what he wanted, he said circuit board cake (which I made last year).  That was fun and all, but I always like to make something different!

I reminded him that he likes a lot of other things too, like Spongebob and Mario.  Immediately, he said, “How about Baby Yoda?”


We are huge Mandalorian fans in this house and I was psyched to make a Baby Yoda Cake!

After I made Baby Yoda (or Grogu, if you please), out of fondant, Dude thought the cake still needed a little something extra, so we added some frogs, so Baby Yoda could have a little snacky snack for later!