Hot Cocoa Spoons

Do you ever read a book and get inspired to cook?   I sometimes do, especially if the food descriptions are frequent or detailed. This is probably because I’m in a couple of food-centric book and movie clubs - I’ve just always got cooking on the brain!

Today’s recipe is inspired by a book that I read because Hubs saw a trailer for the movie version of the same book: The House with a Clock in its Walls.  Whenever I see that a movie was a book first, I try to read the book before I watch the movie.  So, I got ahold of a copy of the book and decided to read it out loud to my kids when we were on a road trip.  This was especially perfect, because I discovered that the house (and town) described in the book were inspired by the author’s hometown...which happened to be on our way to our destination!  It was definitely meant to be!

The House with a Clock in its Walls is a spooky mystery.  Definitely a scarier book than I normally would read to my kids, but they were interested the whole way through.   We had a great time exploring the inspiration town (though we wished we would have had more than an hour to spare).  Then it came time for the movie...even spookier.  It gave poor Spud nightmares that night (he seems to have inherited my dislike of scary movies).

Nonetheless, I was inspired by the many scenes in which the characters sit down to a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a steaming cup of hot cocoa (the cookies make it into the film, the cocoa doesn’t).

My kids are over the moon for these little spoons!  They are so fun to have around for the holidays!

Hot Cocoa Spoons

Small round silicone candy or cake pop mold

Disposable Spoons

6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, melted

Hot cocoa mix

Mini marshmallow bits

Sprinkles, optional

Evenly spread a medium layer of chocolate to coat the well of the round mold (it will form a little chocolate cup).  Place in the refrigerator to harden.

Carefully pop the chocolate cups out of the mold.

Pour about 1 teaspoon of hot cocoa mix into each chocolate cup.

Remelt the chocolate if it has cooled.  Dip disposable spoons into the chocolate, evenly coating both sides with a thick layer of chocolate.  Carefully flip the spoon over a filled chocolate cup.  Use excess chocolate to make sure all gaps are sealed and flip over.

Stick mini marshmallow bits all over the back of the spoon.  Drizzle with additional chocolate and decorate with sprinkles, if desired.

Allow the chocolate to harden.

To serve, heat 6 ounces of milk.  Pour the hot milk over the spoon and stir to melt the chocolate (note that you may need to scrape some of the chocolate off of the spoon to help it stir in more quickly.)

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  1. That's a very cute idea for entertaining kids!

    be safe... mae at

  2. These are so cute. I think they would make a great gift for teachers or librarians as the case may be. I'm glad I read your post about the movie being scary. I had planned on watching with the Angel Face. I will cancel that thought now.

  3. I have been intrigued by these kinds of things, but haven't had much luck getting mine to remelt very easily!


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