WWII Airplane Cookies

Last month it was Spud’s half birthday.  Since he has a summer birthday, and therefore doesn’t get to celebrate in school with his friends, he gets to bring birthday treats to school for his half birthday instead. 

Spud is slightly obsessed with World War 2.  So naturally, he requested WWII Gas Mask cookies.  Ummmm…no.

I love a challenge, but I need to draw the line somewhere, and WWII gas masks were it.

We talked and talked and talked and finally agreed to make WWII airplane cookies, specifically the P-40 Warhawk.  It’s the Warbird that has a shark face (in mom terms).  But it couldn’t just be the overhead view.  Oh no, we needed the bottom view too, so everyone could see that it was a bomber.

Since I’d already said no once, I decided to humor him.  Spud sketched out the top and bottom views and had to ok the colors before we got going.

I’m not gonna lie – I was a little stressed – this kid had high expectations!

 Luckily for me, Spud was impressed and was over the moon about his half birthday cookies!