Hummus and Veggie Santa

A couple weeks ago I had my staff Christmas party!  It was a bring an appetizer of dessert to share type of affair.  I very nearly brought some Christmas cookies, but I didn’t quite get them decorated in time.  Plus, I had just seen a super adorable veggie Santa idea and decided to make that instead!

My kids and Hubs loved it.  Amongst the vast array of appetizers, it was largely overlooked at the party.  I would definitely make sure people know that there’s hummus under there if you decide to bring this to a party.  I think people saw all of the cauliflower and went “meh”.  Ah well, I’m glad my family enjoyed it!

Hummus and Veggie Santa
Inspired by Baker Mama

2-3 red bell peppers, sliced
1 head cauliflower, diced
1 small can black olives
Pita chips (optional)

Place the hummus in a small bowl.  Arrange the pepper and cauliflower to make a Santa face and serve!


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