Lenten Charcuterie Board

Last Friday, Spud came down with a cold and all he wanted was homemade knoephla soup.

Problem: it was Friday and it’s Lent so knoephla soup (with all its chicken) was a no go.  Spud suggested a meat-free knoephla soup.  Meatless knoephla soup, however, is basically just a bowl of carbs, so I wanted some protein, fruits and vegetables to serve with it, and I created a nice Lent-friendly charcuterie board!

I took pictures, but you won’t be seeing that soup recipe anytime soon, it was merely “ok” and certainly needs some work (if a meatless knoephla can ever be truly achieved).

The Charcuterie Board, however, was totally on point and the highlight of the meal.  Everyone found something they liked and we had a healthy, balanced meal!

Lenten Charcuterie Board

Saltine Crackers
Bacon Ritz Crackers
Oyster Crackers
Hard Boiled Eggs
Cheddar Cheese Slices
Baby Bel Cheese
Red Grapes
Baby Carrots
Sliced Red Bell Peppers

Arrange all items on a large serving tray and enjoy!