Best Main Dishes of 2018

Let's continue the countdown to 2019 with a look at the best Main Dish recipes from 2018!  This is always tough for me to narrow down, but here is goes!

Swedish Meatballs are always a hit in my family! Pair them with homemade pasta and you have a winning meal!

Do you love pasta salad in this summer?  This one has it all and is a MUST when the weather is hot!

This is my favorite copy cat pizza and since it's vegetarian, we can call it healthy, right?

How gorgeous is this?  Just like the movie, right?  Plus it's fun to make!

Who can go wrong with a chili dog, am I right?  Plus, these ones have homemade hot dog buns (my kids won't let me buy store hot dog buns anymore!)

Oh my goodness - this one was delicious and right outside my comfort zone!  It was perfect!

I know, rhubarb BBQ sauce seems really out there, but trust me - it is amazing and you want to give this a shot (especially if you have an over-abundance of rhubarb in your garden!)

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