Best Desserts of 2018

Counting down the best desserts is always my favorite!  Because, desserts!!  There were some great ones this year, take a look at the best of the best!

I'm going to give you a minute to take this all in.  See the layers?  All that cinnamon?  Oh yes, this was Hubs' birthday cake last year and it was quite literally the best!

You see that?  That's cookie dough frosting.  Plus there's a ball of cookie dough hidden inside those cupcakes!  Trust me, you don't want to pass these up!

Nutter Butter "Ice Cream Cone" Cookies

How fun are these?  I love the simplicity of these cookies and the cuteness is just a bonus!

These cookies are a great option if you're good for guests with different dietary needs - so sweet and chocolaty, you'll never miss the flour!

I love these cookies!  They're perfect for springtime and Easter!

This cake is an absolute candy cane explosion!  And it's every bit as delicious as it looks!

Figgy Pudding

Molasses Cookies with White Chocolate Espresso Frosting

  These flavors are every bit as good as they sound!  Bet you can't eat just one!

Dairy-Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

You'd never guess these lovelies are dairy-free!  They are soft and chewy and amazing in every way!

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