Kiwi Burger #EattheWorld

It’s time to eat our way around the world again and this month, we’re headed to New Zealand!  Read more about the #EatTheWorld recipe challenge here.

I think New Zealand would really be a fun place to vacation some day!  Did you know they filmed Lord of the Rings there and you can visit Hobbiton and other places in Middle Earth?

Let me back up, because those of you who know me IRL are staring, slack-jawed right now as I fangirl over Middle Earth.  People who know me IRL know that I did not really care for the Lord of the Rings movies (I fell asleep during the first one) and I felt like the books could have been consolidated down into one…


But still!  Hobbiton and Hobbit Holes sound like a really fun tour and I did like Gandalf – I just thought that Frodo was completely incompetent and my dislike for his character colored my entire feeling for the books/movies.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Right – New Zealand!  I’m sure there are many other wonderful things to do and see in New Zealand as well, plus the food looks phenomenal!

For reasons that are still a bit unclear to me, even after researching the topic, New Zealanders are often referred to as “Kiwis”, presumably after the cute little native porg-like kiwi bird (but actually, porgs are modeled after puffins because the movie set of The Last Jedi was positively riddled with puffins and rather than try to chase them all away, the producers were just like, “meh, we could use another weird animal anyway, let’s digitize them and call the porgs”)

Anyhow, I was super fascinated by the kiwi burger, which is kind of like a Breakfast Burger or a Mc10:35, only with a beet on it!

A beet seems like such a weird burger addition (and something that really is served at McDonald’s in New Zealand, apparently) that I just had to try it!

I figured I would be the only one going on the Kiwi Burger journey in my house and that the rest of the family would opt for regular burgers, but Hubs, ever the trooper, stepped up to the challenge and had a Kiwi Burger with me.

And they were delicious!  The info concerning exactly what kind of beet is on a kiwi burger was a bit scant, to I made the two ways.  I made a quick pickled beet for my burger and roasted beets for Hubs (he loathes pickles).  Both burgers were fantastic, so I think it depends entirely on how you like your beets!

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Recipe Note:
Sources were a little unclear about the type of beets to be used, so I made mine two ways.  I made a quick pickled beet by simmering beet slices in equal parts white vinegar and sugar to two parts water and a dash of salt.  I also simply roasted some beet slices in foil packets in the oven until tender.  Both ways were delicious!  I love pickles, so the pickled beets were delicious on my burger.  Hubs preferred the roasted version on his.  Whichever you choose, be sure to prepare them ahead of time!

Disclaimer: This post contains a recipe highlighting a different country or culture. While I strive for authenticity, I sometimes need to make adjustments to recipes due to ingredient availability.  

Kiwi Burger
Inspired by Chelsea Winter

1 pound lean ground beef
¼ cup dry bread crumbs
2 tablespoon onion, minced
1 egg
Salt and pepper

2 hour Buns
Lettuce leaves
Roasted or pickled beets
Fried eggs, to taste
Onion slices
Tomato slices, optional

Mix together the burger ingredients and form into 4-5 patties, making a small impression in the center of each patty to ensure even cooking.  Cook to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.

Meanwhile, fry eggs as desired to top the burgers.

To build the burgers, place the lettuce in the bottom bun, then add the burger, onion, ketchup, mustard, beet, and egg.  Enjoy this mammoth burger!


  1. That looks so awesome, I almost tried this one and I'm so glad to see someone did. Only now I REALLY want to try it, you make it sound so delicious.

  2. We LOVE beets. I'll give this a try soon, Amy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. What a fun read, I knew LOR was filmed there. I am also releived your burger is not made with a lkiwi bird lol. But I am intrigued by the beet addition!

  4. Phew....I was hoping I wasn't going to see a patty made of ground kiwi bird LOL. This burger sounds wonderful.

  5. Mmmmmm. Love beets, love fried eggs, love hamburgers - this is a dish for me! Great idea.

  6. Great post - I am a kiwi and the beetroot we use comes in cans already sliced! Have fun eating around the world. Cheers from Carole's Chatter