Wreck-It Ralph Recipe Round Up #FoodnFlix

What a fun month!

I got to host this month's Food n' Flix, Wreck-It Ralph and everyone sure brought the creativity!

Before we get started, I have to share Hubs and my Halloween costumes from last year when we were Felix-It Felix and Sargent Calhoun!  So fun!

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla brought her Cherry Chasing Dot Muncher Libations + Candy Laden Cakes!  She says:
Inspired by Wreck-It Ralph calling PacMan a "cherry-chasing dot muncher" - and the jar of Griottines in the cupboard - I decided to create some perfect New Year's Eve cocktails.

Kimberly from Coffee and Casseroles made Lost and Found Alphabet Soup.  She says:
When Ralph is first out of his game trying to find a metal, he checks the lost and found box at the root beer bar, and finds himself  one single mushroom from Super Mario. So I knew I wanted to do something with mushrooms. Add to this the fact the character of Vanellope builds her first race car from found items. I decided to make  "lost and found alphabet soup."

Evelyn from CulturEatz made two amazing recipes! First, she made Cherry Coke Mentos White Chocolate Fudge.  She says:
 I saw a recipe for Coke jelly and inspiration struck. I made my own cherry Coke jelly cubes and incorporated them into a white chocolate fudge. With the addition of Mentos and cherries of course.

And her second recipe was the Glitch Cocktail!
Now I really wanted to also add a little recipe in honour of Vanellope Von Sschweetz. This misunderstood bad character, a glitch in the game in fact, does turn out to be a hero. 

Sarah from Chef Sarah Elizabeth made a whole Wreck-It Ralph themed menu including Very Vanellope Cookies!  She says:
I love the character Vanellope and the fact that she is a glitch! I know its a “bad thing” in the film, but I am attracted to funky, off the wall, rebel personalities. Instead of making Sugar Rush race cars, I decided to make Very Vanellope Cookies! I took my favorite sugar cookie recipe, cut it into funky shapes, and then we decorated with frosting and candy! 

Kelley from Simply Inspired Meals managed to make a gorgeous healthy Cherry Bomb Smoothie from this candy coated flick! She says:
 I was inspired to create this Cherry Bomb Smoothie based on the race held toward the end of the movie. My kids love video games, and we enjoy playing racing games together, so I loved the “Cherry Bomb” power used during the race where the racers set off cherry bombs from the side of the Royal Raceway track using sparks from their exhaust. 

Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm went the savory route and made Chicken and Mushroom Pie.  She says:
 I took my inspiration from the pies I saw at the beginning of the movie and from the mushrooms running around.  I decided to make a Mushroom Pie.

Debra from Eliot's Eats made a delicious Chocolate-Cherry Dump Cake!  She says:
  • Of course, I pulled the cherries from Ralph’s exit from PacMan and the Bad-Anon meeting.
  • I used a dump cake technique because Ralph lives in a dump.
  • The chocolate brownie came from the fact that he hates chocolate, at least at the beginning.  When he finds himself landing in a puddle of chocolate at the end of the film, he confesses to loving it!

Heather from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen was inspired by Ralph & Vanellope's first meeting making Sweet Mother of Monkey Milk-Shakes with Gold Coins!  She says:
Her exclamation "sweet mother of monkey milk, a gold coin!" immediately made me think...monkeys like bananas...so monkey milk must be banana milk. And what's the best way to use banana milk? Turn it into milkshakes, of course! And as a nod to that elusive gold coin they're both chasing, it had to be garnished with a gold-wrapped milk chocolate coin.

Ali from Fix me a Little Lunch made a delicious Chocolate Quicksand Pudding!  She says:
I love this recipe for chocolate quicksand pudding because it’s about as close to instant as homemade pudding can get.  In other words, in about 10 minutes time, you’ll have pudding ready to chill in the fridge.

Amber from Reviews, Chews, and How-Tos made some super fun Rice Krispie Treats Race Cars! She says:
the thing that really inspired me was when Ralph and Vanellope (the glitch from Sugar Rush) had to go into a bonus round of her game to Build a Race Car! They start out with a car mold and as they go through the levels, frosting and various candies drop all over the car to make a huge mess of a race car.... Vanellope absolutely loves it though! Its hers, she made it!

And I just couldn't decide what to make, so I did a triple header making Sugar Rush Jell-O Shots (stuffed with candy and inspired by the Sugar Rush video game), Ralph's Texas Trash Party Mix (inspired by his home in the dump), and Nutter Butter Sugar Rush Racers!

Be sure to join in next month as Evelyne at CulturEatz hosts Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
in February!


  1. Thanks for kicking off 2018 with such a fun pick, Amy. Love all of the recipes Wreck It Ralph inspired!


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