Turkey Cookies #SecretRecipeClub

Turkey Cookies use cookies and candies for a fun Thanksgiving treat!

In this final month of Secret Recipe Club reveals, I’m jumping in to help group A with their reveal.

I was assigned Erin’s blog, Making Memories with Your Kids.

Erin is a single mom of two and full time middle school counselor.  She loves crafting and baking and including her children in her passions!

Erin has tons of wonderful kid-friendly recipes on her blog and many fun little crafty foods to make for or with the kids.  Since it’s so close to Thanksgiving, I made her Turkey Cookies!

These little cookies use a bunch of cookies and candies that I typically have on hand this time of year (thank you Halloween buckets!)  I really wish I would’ve made these *with* the kids (I made them while they were at school to test them out, and then realized that I only had 2 peanut butter cups – oops).

My boys absolutely adored these little turkeys!  Dude ate his right after school.  Spud was about to eat his, but soon declared it too cute to eat.  He named it Cute Turkey and it now lives on the table next to his plate.  He even had to Facetime his Nana to show her his cute turkey. I suspect it may travel with us at Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Erin for a too-adorable to eat little treat!

Turkey Cookies

Oreos (regular or pumpkin spice)
Mini peanut butter cups
Candy eyeballs
Candy corn
Melted chocolate, candy melts, or royal icing (I used royal icing)

Place a blob of royal icing (or melted chocolate) near the bottom of 1 Oreo.   Place a peanut butter cup, larger end down on the icing.  Place another blob of icing just above and slightly on the peanut butter cup.  Place a whopper on the icing.  Allow the icing to harden slightly, so that the candies won’t move once the cookie is turned upright.

Place a large blob of icing on a second Oreo.  Place the first Oreo onto the second Oreo, near the back, with the peanut buttercup near the center.

Cut the yellow end off 2 candy corns.  Place them on the bottom as feet.  Place more icing on the whopper.  Use one of the remaining candy corn tips as a beak and two candy eyes for the eyes.  Use icing to glue on two whole candy corns as wings.

For the tail feathers, cut the tips off 5 candy corns.  Add icing and carefully wedge the candy corns into the Oreo. 

Allow the whole turkey to dry and enjoy.  Or keep it as a pet.  Either one.


  1. So glad you liked them. Your turkeys turned out adorable! Thanks for helping out group A this month (and me!)


    Oh, my they are simply the definition of cute! I particularly love the eyes, going slightly their own ways... absolutely adorable!

  3. Aw, these came out so fun and festive for Thanksgiving! Have a great Thanksgiving and great SRC pick for our final post. :) Traci, BurntApple.com

  4. These are too cute! Just adorable! Can't wait to make them for my grandkids!

  5. Those are ABSOLUTELY adorable and so seasonal and fun!What a GREAT way to end with the SRC - hope to stay in touch, Karen former Group D and Group A

  6. Those are totally adorable. A friend made something similar for a potluck last year and the 'adults' all ate at least one. No one kept them for pets though, at least I don't think they did. Great final choice for SRC. This club will be missed, I know I will.
    I'm going to miss the Secret Recipe Club so much in fact that...
    I'll be hosting a Link up party starting in January on the first Monday and calling it First Monday, in which I'll be inviting all SRC members (former), to participate with adding their favorite recipe for the previous month. Not the one with the most views, but the one they made that they like the best. I hope you'll you'll join in.

  7. I saw those on Erin's blog and thought they were adorable, but I ended up making something else the month I had her blog. Now I'm wondering if I should make sure and have everything so the kids can have some fun making them at Thanksgiving. They really are almost too cute to eat.

  8. How festive! Great final SRC post!

  9. These are super adorable! Wonderful SRC post!

  10. So funny he is keeping it as a pet. That is adorable. May I say it was been a pleasure being in SRC with you, and I will miss our monthly meet-ups. I know I will see you around on the interwebs, though. Take good care! --Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious


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