Apple-Cinnamon Stovetop Potpourri #AppleWeek


Today’s #AppleWeek theme is crafts and décor!

I decided to bring some stovetop potpourri to the party, since it’s a bit more crafty than foodie.  Or maybe a foodie craft?  Yeah, let’s go with that one.

I love this potpourri because it is crazy easy to make, uses up the apple scraps and makes the whole house smell like apple pie!

All day long, my family kept saying, “Mom, it smells so good in here!”  I’m definitely going to be making this more often.

The main thing here is to watch the water level, scorching the pan will make you sad (and that yummy smell turns stinky instead).

The key is to add plenty of water in the beginning and check on the pot every half hour or so, topping off the water or removing from the heat, as necessary.

Apple-Cinnamon Stovetop Potpourri

Peels from 1-2 apples
1 cinnamon stick, broken up
½ tsp whole cloves
½ tsp whole allspice
1-2 cups water

Place all ingredients into a small sauce pan.  Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low.  The water should be lightly steaming, but not bubbling. 

Check the water level every half hour or so, adjusting the heat or water as needed.

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  1. I'll bet you could put this in a crockpot and not have to worry too much about it.

  2. Definitely going to be making this simmering scent. I love making the house smell wonderful!

  3. I can almost smell it from here and it smells delicious!!

  4. What a fun idea! Bet it smells great too.


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