My 8 year old, Dude, is a thinker.  He is constantly reading and thinking.  He loves science and experiments and inventing.

The other day, he was finishing lunch and asked me if anyone had invented juice popsicles yet.    I told him they’d probably been invented already, so he decided to try something new.  He wanted to place a sucker into the popsicle for a special surprise inside – plus the sucker took care of the pesky problem of finding small popsicle sticks (we used a bit of foil to keep the popsicles fresh AND hold the sucker in place while they froze)!

Much to our surprise, the suckers melted in the juice as they froze, giving the popsicles a fun layered look!

Here’s Dude:

I wanted to make popsicles with a little surprise inside!  My mom and brother loved them and I did too!


100% Juice (apple or fruit punch)
Suckers (like Dum-Dums)

What you need:
3 oz Dixie cups
Tin foil

What to do:
Fill each cup ¾ full with juice.
Put each sucker in each cup.
Cut the foil into little squares.
Poke a hole in the middle of each square.
Put them on top of the cups, with the sucker stick going through the hole.
Let freeze overnight.
Thaw slightly to remove from cup and enjoy!