Three Cheese Orzo & Broccoli #SecretRecipeClub

It’s Secret Recipe Club Reveal Day!  In SRC, members are secretly assigned another blog, dig through the recipes, make something delicious and then reveal!

This month, I was assigned Linda and Christina’s blog, 2Cookin’ Mamas.  Linda and Christina are a mother/daughter duo who share a love and passion for cooking!  For both ladies, the kitchen is a happy place and favorite place to be!

At 2 Cookin’ Mamas, there are recipes of all kinds, including some gluten-free recipes.  I had such a tough decision to make when choosing a recipe!  I really had my eye on Rodeo Burgers (because there on onion rings on that burger!!!), but it’s not quite grilling season yet, so those will have to wait.  My next thought was Pastel Dyed Deviled Eggs, since it’s so close to Easter and they’re just so pretty!

But then Cheesy Orzo & Broccoli caught my eye and I knew it was meant to be.  I’ve had some orzo hanging around in the pantry, because I keep trying to make lemon orzo soup.  What’s that?  You’ve never seen lemon orzo soup on the blog?  Yep, because I hate it every time.  I haven’t yet figured out if I like the idea of lemon orzo soup, but don’t actually like the taste or if I’m just completely incompetent at making lemon orzo soup.

Anyway, the point is that I still had some orzo laying and around and I really, really wanted to make something delicious out of it!

Cheesy Broccoli & Orzo did not disappoint!  It was so delicious!  It is cheesy and there’s pasta and there’s just enough broccoli is assuage any guilt about the cheesy pasta-ness.  The entire family enjoyed this as a side dish!  In fact, it is hearty enough that I would even consider serving it as a vegetarian main during Lent!

Thank you, Linda & Christina for a new favorite recipe!

Three Cheese Orzo with Broccoli
Adapted from 2 Cookin’ Mamas

1 cup orzo
1 crown broccoli, cut into florets (about 2 cups)
¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 oz fresh mozzarella, cut in chunks
3 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
1 tbsp butter
¼ cup lowfat milk
Pepper, to taste

Bring 6 cups water to boil in a saucepan.   Add the orzo and cook for 6 minutes.  Add the broccoli florets and continue cooking for 3 minutes or until the orzo is al dente and the broccoli is crisp-tender.

Drain and return to the sauce pan.

Stir in the cheeses, butter and milk.  Stir until the cheese are melted, adding a bit more milk, if needed.  Season with pepper and serve immediately.

Serves 6-8 side dish portions


  1. Oh yum. I love orzo in recipes like this. I need to pick up some Parmesan cheese next grocery shopping trip so I can make this.

  2. This sounds delicious! I love orzo and with cheese and broccoli...YUMMY! Great SRC selection.

  3. I love cheesy recipes and the broccoli in this definitely helps to make it seem more healthy! It's a long time since I've made anything with orzo in so will have to get some for salads this summer.

  4. That looks like a fantastic dinner! I need to locate some GF orzo for my husband!! Can't wait to try.

  5. What a great side dish idea! I love orzo!

  6. I am so glad you liked the cheesy orzo recipe. It has become a favorite in our household too and it's a lot healthier than regular mac and cheese (at least the way I make it). And thanks for the nice write-up!

  7. I love recipes made with orzo, this one looks just delicious! Visiting from SRC.


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