Melted Witch Candy Bark Bites #FoodNFlix

It’s time for this month’s Food ‘n Flix!  Food ‘n Flix is a fun little club where any blogger who wants to participate can watch the selected movie, make something inspired by the film and share it!  This month’s flick is hosted by Elizabeth at the Lawyer’s Cookbook.  For October, she choose the Halloweeny flick, Hocus Pocus.

I think I had only seen Hocus Pocus once before, on TV, so I set out to find a copy.  As always, I checked Netflix (no), Amazon (available for rental, but not on Prime), and finally the library (yes!)  Only problem was, it was checked out from the library.  So I checked, daily (online, I didn’t actually go there daily), since the last week of September, waiting for it to be returned.  My library only does a 1 week lending period for movies, so I thought, how long can it take?  Famous last words.

I finally saw the movie available the 2nd week of October and took the kids after school.  Then, I couldn’t find it.  I rechecked on my phone, definitely said it was available.  I scoured the nearby shelves, in case it had been mis-shelved, no dice.  I rechecked my phone again and the movie was checked out.  AHHHHHH!!!!  Someone literally checked it out while I was at the library!

So I was back to checking daily.  A week and a half later and the movie still wasn’t back.  I hope that jerk-face has an enormous late fee.

By this time, it was nearing the end of October and Hocus Pocus was playing again on Network TV.  So, I finally got to watch the flick in all its commercial, network glory.  Plus it was glitching out through the first half of the movie.  Ugh.

The movie was about how I remembered it, full of obnoxious little kids and awkward teenage romance.

The witches, however, were brilliant.  I had no idea (until recently) that Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the witches.  It was incredibly amusing.

As far as food inspirations, it was candy, candy, candy, booze, & a random meat & cheese tray. 

So candy it was!

I was inspired by the “Burning Rain of Death” scene, wherein one of the awkward teenagers places a lighter under the sprinkler system in the museum and conjures the “burning rain of death” so they can escape.  The witches, hilariously run and scream throughout until they realize it’s just water.

I recently saw a brilliant idea for Melted Witch Cookies on Chelsea’s Messy Apron!  They’re made just like Melted Snowman Cookies, pretty brilliant!

Now, the witches in Hocus Pocus didn’t melt from the burning rain of death like the Wicked Witch from the West in the Wizard of Oz, but I decided to roll with it anyway (by the way, if you’ve only seen the movie the Wizard of Oz, you MUST read the book.  It’s so so much better!  The movie is only good for the music).

Unfortunately, I already had approximately 8 zillion cookies (Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate M&M, and Chocolate Ghosts), plus Halloween candy in my house, and I reaaaaaly didn’t want to bake up another batch of sugar cookies, so I changed up the process and ingredients from the inspiration cookies and made some quick, easy Melted Witch Candy Bark Bites.  These are fun and easy and kids have a blast helping put them together!

And if you’re wondering about the photo bomber in the picture, well, you’ll just have to see what he’s all about on my other blog, Amy’s Confectionery Adventures!

Melted Witch Candy Bark Bites

½ cup green candy melts, melted
3 Oreo Cookies, split apart, cream removed
6 Hershey kisses, unwrapped
6 pretzel sticks
¼ cup chow mein noodles

Cover a baking sheet with a silicone mat/parchment/waxed paper.

Dip the bottom of each kiss into the melted candy melts.  Stick the kisses into the center of an Oreo.  Divide the remaining candy melts into 6 ‘puddles’ on the prepared baking sheet, smoothing the candy, as desired.

Place the prepared hat on one side of each candy puddle, pressing down slightly.  On the remaining side, add 1 pretzel stick for a broom handle and chow mein noodles for the bristles.  Set aside until the candy is completely hardened, about 45 minutes (trays may be placed in the refrigerator to speed up the process).

Makes 6 treats


  1. Cool. Love that you took a non-food scene and came up with something cute. -Kimberly (Coffee and Casseroles)

  2. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing this month!

  3. Glad you finally got a chance to find the movie. Cleverest candy bark ever!

  4. Love this. How much fun. You are truly a dedicated FnF member to go to that much trouble to find the film! :)

  5. These are so adorable I almost can't stand it!

  6. I will echo Heather--These are the most adorable candies ever. I love how easy they are to make too. How fun and perfect for the film. The witches are the best part for sure. ;-)


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