15+ Last minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It’s getting down to crunch time!  There are only a few more days left of the 2014 Christmas season to think up Elf on the Shelf ideas!

However, these last few days, with all the hustle and bustle can be the more difficult!  Maybe you used up your great ideas earlier in the season or maybe you just need some thing easy!

I’m here to help, with even MORE Elf ideas. 

1. Let’s start off with a “gasp I forgot to move the elf and the kids are going to wake up any second!”  Yep, stick him on the Christmas tree…classic

2. Whether or not you get sucker in to buying the vest (mine is from Bed, Bath, & Beyond), downhill skiing is always fun.  Elfie skis down a toilet paper hill with pipe cleaner ski poles and mini candy cane skis.

3.  Another classic.  I always like it when Elfie remembers the reason for the season and prays by the nativity.

4.  We’re big readers in this house, so it’s always fun when Elfie gets in on the fun!

5. If you don’t mind Elfie bringing additional gifts during the season, it can be fun if he brings tickets to a favorite sporting event.  In this case, college hockey!

6.  Another easy one and great if you have clumsy kids or animals.  Our kids somehow managed to knock over the Christmas tree and the star stayed a little cockeyed, so Elfie fixed it.

7. Another favorite of mine, Elfie sneaks a small Christmas tree and ornaments into the kids’ room at night.

8.  In this one, Elfie decided that 4 trees in our house wasn’t enough, so he brought one of his own that the kids could decorate throughout the season.

9.  Yeehaw!  Ridin’ mistletoe!

10.  Elfie noticed that I was busy baking a birthday cake and managed to make his own to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

11.  This is another “I got suckered into an elf bomber jacket” (Target) moment.  And also we have a rocking airplane…and a airplane themed bedroom for the kids…and Hubs is a pilot…nuff said.

12.  For those weeks when the excitement of Christmas get to be a bit much and behavior takes a nose dive.  Elfie penned a note to Santa begging him to give the kids another chance and promised to pray for them.

13.   Underwear tree.  Hehehe

14.  Oh hello.  You wanted all your food to stare at you all day, right?

15.  Here, Elfie video chats with Santa and the boys find out if they’re on the naughty or nice list (I use Portable North Pole)

16.  Elfie thought our tree was missing a little something, so he added a train!  Choo Choo!!!

17. Godzilla smashed through the Christmas village RAWR!!!  Actually, this was Spud’s doing (he’s 4).  I thought it was hilarious and could totally see the Elf pulling it off!