Angel Wings Wednesday #19

Over the weekend, while I was posting a photo of a wedding cake, Facebook felt the need to remind me that last year, on that day, I had posted Sarah Catherine’s 20 week ultrasound photos.

It got me remembering that appointment.

Since Dude was 5 at the time, and so very excited for a new baby, we decided to bring him along.  I remember being super nervous for the appointment. What if something is wrong and I’ve brought my son with?  I shoved my anxiety to the side, I’m a worrier and I often need to talk myself out of thoughts like that.

During the ultrasound, out little girl (though we chose not to find out gender at the time) was so active, the ultrasound tech had trouble getting some of the photos she needed.  Dude was fascinated by our baby’s bone structure.  When he saw the baby’s spine, he started asking why she was a skeleton (it was pretty close to Halloween, after all).

We had no idea that this was the only time we’d get a chance to see this baby living, moving, and kicking.

When we saw the doctor after the ultrasound, she was very happy with the result.  There were no concerns, so red flags from the ultrasound.  There was absolutely no indication that our baby was going to stop growing at 25 weeks and that we’d lose her at 28.

There was nothing but the nagging worry (that I tried not to voice) that I wasn’t meant to keep this baby.  My belly was expanding, but she somehow wasn’t real.

I’m glad that the three of us (me, Hubs, & Dude), got to share the ultrasound and see Sarah Catherine when she was healthy.