Angel Wings Wednesday #12

Things have been so crazy & hectic, that I had to give Angel Wings a little break.

First was Dude’s last week of Kindergarten.  My oldest growing up, coupled with being sick AND two huge cake orders made for one tired and grumpy and a little heavy hearted lady.

Then, last week, it was all fun in the sun and more cakes!!

But now I’m back and God has given me such a beautiful gift in that time.

This year has been one of great loss.  I miss our daughter every day.  But this year, God blessed us with an unexpected sign of life.

A nest!

Hi Mama Bird!

After losing our sweet Sarah Catherine, this nest of eggs was truly a blessing and a gift.

After watching Mama bird on the nest for a week or maybe two and being careful not to scare her too much (if you can’t tell from the pictures, she built her nest low, on top of a hose caddy that's mounted to the house – we didn’t use that hose, but it was by a main walkway to our backyard), we had three babies!!

At first we just saw some little beaks.  But every once in a while, a little head would pop out of the nest looking for Mama.

At this time, the Mama bird in me came out as we were diving bombed by who I can only assume was Daddy bird every time we came within 10 feet of the nest.  Yikes!  Thankfully, I was the one who got buzzed the most and it was only ever a flap of wings near my hair.  Still spooky though.

After a weekend out of town (can I tell you how hard it was to leave “my” babies?) the babies had grown much bigger and opened their eyes!

And grew their adult feathers.

Here’s my last picture of the siblings together, because shortly after this, one at a time, they began to leave the nest.

Here’s the last baby.  I spooked him with my camera.  

He stepped out of the nest.  

And flew away. 

I feel so very blessed and so happy that I was able to watch this little family, if it was only for a little under 2 weeks.  It reminds me that life goes on.  And there is still such joy.

I also felt it was so special that I got to see the last baby leave the nest.  Baby #3, just like our Sarah Catherine.

Hubs was at work and the boys were in the house and it’s like that moment was meant especially for me.

It’s also so incredibly fitting that the communion song at church last weekend was another one of my favorites, “Fly Like a Bird”

Fly little Sarah Catherine, Fly.


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  2. A beautiful story accompanied by a beautiful song (that I had not heard before). Thank you for sharing.


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