Angel Wings Wednesday #8

For today’s Angel Wings Wednesday, I’m sharing a poem I wrote.  At least I think it a poem, or maybe prose?  It doesn’t rhyme and the meter is off, so who knows?  Whatever it is, it’s a glimpse of my life.


Today is a happy day,
The sun shines bright.
There’s a smile on my face
Nothing can take it away

Today is a Bad Day
With capital letters
I just want to curl up
Leave me alone until tomorrow

Today is a remembering day
Everything makes me remember that day
A song on the radio, a baby in the store
Thinking of Christmas…the list goes on

Today is a tired day
Afraid of bad dreams
I stayed up too late
Like a 2 year old, I won’t nap

Today is a sad day
I just want to cry
And cry and cry
But I won’t cry…well, maybe a little

Today is in between
I’m not happy or sad
But teetering on the edge
A breath of wind pushes me to one side

Today is a smiling day
I can talk about Sarah with a smile on my face
How tall she was going to be
How she would have made our family complete

Today I don’t want to talk about it
It just makes me crabby and sad.
I. Don’t. Want. To. Talk.

Today is a breathing day.
In and out.
I can do this.
I’ll be ok.

Today is a Thankful Day
I am alive.
I have a wonderful husband.
I have two healthy children.

Today is a little of everything
I’m all over the board.
Happy and sad, tired and Thankful
Today is a day.

Today is an angry day
Why? Why? Why?
Someone please give me an answer
Why did this happen?

Today is a pretending day
I smile and I talk
But really I just want to cry.
Someone pass the wine.

Today is a yelling day
You’d better steer clear
I’m trying to control it
But I’m going to YELL

Today is an accepting day
Where I spend most of my time
It is what it is
This is my life now

I’m the mother of an angel baby


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