Angel Wings Wednesday #6

Angel Wings took a little break for a couple weeks.

First Hubs & I were on vacation.  It was sunny and relaxing and wonderful.  It was the first real time we’ve had alone together since we lost Sarah.  Though I was actually just tagging along on Hub’s work trip, it was totally worth it.  While he worked, I read on the beach, and jogged on the beach and had some much needed me time.

And when he was free with saw the sights and took long walks
on the beach.

Then we came home.  And it was cold and gloomy.  The boys were whiny and clingy since we’d just been gone for 5 days (don’t get me wrong – they had a blast with their grandparents, but its just not the same as mom and dad).  And I had responsibilities again.  I had to clean the house and cook and keep a schedule.

And then I had a really Bad Day.  Yep, a capital letter bad day.  If you’ve been through grief, you know the ones I’m talking about.  I could hardly move out of my recliner, I just wanted to cry, it felt like the sun would never shine again.

Thankfully, Hubs is amazing!!  He made sure we all ate that day and gave me the time I needed.  Then I had Zumba that night and getting out and off my behind was the best therapy I could ask for.

Regardless, it took a couple days to recover from the Bad Day and I just wasn’t up for writing about it last week.

I did a lot of sleeping over the weekend (Bad Days usually equal poor sleep for me) and we had a mass said for Sarah on Sunday and I’m happy to report that we’re back to good days.

A big ol’ blizzard just tore through the area and we were rewarded with the mythical “double snow day” and even that didn’t get me down.  Sure I ignored all the housework, but I baked like crazy, did art projects with the boys, and watched some awesome movies!

I guess what I’m saying is that the grieving process isn’t a straight road.  Things will be going awesome and then something triggers a capital letters Bad Day.  But as long as we accept that it’s ok, it’s possible to come out on the other side.