Elfie's Antics 2013 {One}

Our Elf on the Shelf is back and up to his usual antics again this year.

Here's what he's been up to lately!

Day 1:
Elfie returned bearing jammies (he had trouble finding Christmas jammies he really liked this year, so he went for Spiderman instead), some Christmas CDs (Elfie has a major weakness when it come to Christmas music), some treats, and a note reminding Dude & Spud about the "rules".

Day 2:
Elfie sneaked into Dude & Spud's room while they slept and left a Christmas tree!   He didn't quite finish decorating it, so Dude & Spud got to finish (they loved it!)

Day 3:
Elfie was reading a book on the bookshelf.  This one was tough!  It took Dude & Spud almost until bedtime to find him, even with several hints!

Day 4:
Elfie was helping me out with a little sewing project this morning.  He can be a very thoughtful elf.

Day 5:
Elfie was swinging from some Christmas ornaments we have hung by the patio door!

Day 6:
Elf collected all of our Christmas books (and a few of his friends) and read them a story.  This was one of my favorites...Dude added the two teddy bears on the arms of the chair and Spud slowly added more books and stuffed animals throughout the day.  They were very careful not to touch Elfie, though!

Day 7:
Elfie thought our stockings were boring, so he added our underwear to the display.

Day 8:
Elfie noticed that the boys hadn't sent letters to Santa yet, so he brought some stationery and instructions on where to find the magic mailbox to the North Pole.

Day 9:
Everybody's gotta do their business sometime... Dude and Spud got a kick out of Elfie every time they went into the bathroom!


  1. Thank you for this. We are on our 2nd year with Elmer our elf and just reached our first 'touching' lol. Always love looking at what other elves do. Stopping by from the WLOW Whatsits blog hop and yumeating.com my non blogger blog.


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