Super Soft 45 Minute Breadsticks

I love a delicious breadstick, especially with pizza or pasta, but I’ve never found the perfect breadstick.

This one is pretty darn close to perfection.  Soft, chewy, and perfectly seasoned!  Plus they’re done in less than an hour!  Who can complain about that?

Super Soft 45 Minute Breadsticks
Slightly Adapted from Jamie Cooks It Up

1 ½ cups very warm water (about 115 degrees F)
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp active dry yeast
½ tsp salt
2 tbsp, heaping, vital wheat gluten
3 ½ - 4 cups all purpose flour
¼ cup salt butter, melted
2-4 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
Garlic powder
Dried basil
Dried oregano
Dried marjoram

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees F.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, whisk together the water, sugar, and yeast.  Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes or until foamy.

Add the salt, gluten, and flour (1 cup at a time).  Mix on low, switching to the dough hook as the mixture becomes thick.  Mix on low for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, pour half of the melted butter onto a large (rimmed) jelly roll pan and spread evenly with the pastry brush.

Place the kneaded dough onto the pan and allow to rest for 3-5 minutes.

Use your fingers to push the dough to the edges of the pan.  Pour the remaining butter over the dough and spread evenly over the surface.  Sprinkle the garlic, herbs, and parmesan over the dough and use a pizza cutter to slice the dough into 24 strips.

Place the tray into the preheated oven for 10 minutes, then turn the heat to 350 degrees F and bake for 12-20 minutes (depending upon how fast your oven preheats).

Once the breadsticks are lightly browned, remove them from the oven and tear along the perforations to serve.

Makes 24 breadsticks


  1. I like breadsticks more than pizza! These look so fluffy and light - I have to try them!! Thanks for sharing, yum!

  2. Oh we love a good breadstick here! So glad I saw these on Two Cup Tuesday. Going to pin these to try.

  3. These look super tasty!! I'm all for fast breads... thanks for sharing!

  4. Real breadsticks in under an hour? What an amazing recipe! Can't wait to try these!

  5. I have a few breadstick recipes I like... but this looks like it might be a new favorite!! :o0 I've featured this today on my blog. Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays at Nap-Time Creations... I've shared about the round up on all my social media.. id love a retweet, share or repin :o) EMily

  6. These look amazing and I think will go along great with dinner tomorrow! Would love for you to come over tomorrow and link up at my party

  7. what is 'vital wheat gluten'? where do you get it? can it be substituted?

  8. Is the vital wheat gluten a necessary ingredient or can I leave it out?

    1. I like the vital wheat gluten because it makes the dough smooth and soft. If leaving it out, use bread flour instead of all purpose.

  9. Hi Can I make half of amount of this recipe ? Or can I do freezer to keep this later to bake ?

    1. Yes, just use half of everything & a smaller pan for baking

    2. This is amazing !! I just made today and tasted. THis is awesome ! I was using my bread machine for kneading and after that 10 min or so resting. And I was using half of dough from this recipe amount. Half of that is in Freezer now. Smell was exactly famous Italian Restaurant serving bread !! Definitely I am going to repeat this !!! Thank you so much !!


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