Elfie's Antics: Week Three

Welcome to Week Three of our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie, and his antics!

Don't miss Week One and Week Two for more of Elfie's Antics.

Day Fourteen:
We caught Elfie having a video chat with Santa!  Santa had a special message for each of the boys.

Day Fifteen:
Elfie sneaked into the refrigerator and turned our milk green!
Note: My boys wouldn't drink the green milk, so I suggest waiting until there is only a little bit left, or be ready to drink it yourself!  We were on our way out of town, so the milk was going to go bad either way.

Day Sixteen:
We were called out of town for a family emergency, so we left the boys with my parents.  Elfie followed and left a note, asking the boys to be good for Nana & Papa.
But the boys really didn't buy it, they were convinced that Elfie was waiting for them at home and kept asking what this Elf's name was!

Day Seventeen:
Elfie was praying by Baby Jesus

Day Eighteen:
Elfie was found hanging out in a planter

Day Nineteen:
Elfie joined some other elves delivering presents to the Christmas tree!

The boys were so convinced that Elfie was still at home, that I ran in the house before the kids came in and got Elfie all set up in the pantry.  They were thrilled to see Elfie waiting and ready for them!

Day Twenty:
We caught Elfie trying to catch our guppy, Dory!  He had a candy cane pole with a string and an ornament hook!