Roasted Blueberry Basil Margarita

You know those days when nothing goes right?  That’s the day I made these.

It was one of those days that the kids were whining and crying and fighting all day long and my husband was working late.  And somehow during the day I threw out my back, so I was in excruciating pain and didn’t get dinner together.

Then my son “accidentally” broke his glasses.

That’s when I decided to make margaritas.  But of course it doesn’t stop there, no no, it keeps on going. 

I had 2 pints of berries, one for margaritas and another for blueberry muffins.  One pint was a moldy and disgusting…sayonara muffins, this mama needs a margarita!  Then I had to drop a blueberry juice pan on the ground, splashing goo everywhere.  And that’s when my husband walked in the door.

He came over, gave me a hug and offered to go out for a pizza (love him so much!)  Then he helped me get the kids down and we enjoyed some margaritas. 

Oh yes, they were worth it all.

Roasted Blueberry-Basil Margaritas
Adapted from How Sweet Eats

1 pint blueberries
8-10 basil leaves
1 tsp sugar
¼ cup water
1 ¼ cups sprite or lemon-lime soda
6 tbsp tequila
Fresh basil leaves & blueberries to garnish

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.  Spread the blueberries in a single layer across a baking sheet.  Bake in the preheated oven for 8-12 minutes or until the blueberries are all bursting and juicy.  Cool slightly.

Place the cooled berries and all their juice into a blender.  Add the basil, sugar and water.  Blend until smooth (there will still be a lot of berry pulp.

Pour the mixture into a large measuring cup and gently whisk in the sprite.  If desired, strain the pulp out through a colander at this point.  Stir in the tequila and serve in glasses filled with ice.

Makes 4 margaritas


  1. Ooh yum, that sounds great! Glad you got to enjoy them eventually, and I hope your day got better :-)

    Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  2. Love blueberry but never heard of putting basil in the mix - giving it a try!
    visiting thry This Gal Cooks party

  3. This seriously looks amazing! I just the absolutely beautiful color :)

    I would love it if you would link up at Martha Mondays, open now through Wednesday night!


  4. Yummy! Every bad day deserves a margarita I say. And these mix sounds sooo good. Thanks for sharing. Glad you day got better! Love from your newest Facebook and Twitter follower, Whimsically Homemade!

  5. Love this! Your reasons for making it are hilarious...even though they probably weren't funny at the time! Thanks for sharing at Must Try Monday.

  6. Those look super tasty! I am on such a basil kick lately too :)

    Thanks for linking this one up to Tasty Thursday last week too!

  7. My blueberry bushes look like they will be full this season. They are said to contain so many good things--vitamins and anti-oxidants, etc., so ways to use them creatively are always welcome. Since I love herbs and basil is one of my favorites, I always have lots of it planted this time of year, the idea of pairing the two flavors is intriguing. Thanks for sharing this blueberry-basil combo. with us, Amy!


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