Rosary Cake

I’ve mentioned my brother’s college graduation a couple times now.  But what I haven’t mentioned is that he graduated from the seminary.  He now goes on to 4 more years of seminary and when he graduates, he will be ordained a Catholic Priest.

For his undergraduate graduation, my mom wanted a cake.  And since he was graduated from the seminary, I decided to make a cake that looked like a priest’s collar with a rosary (purple, since that was the school color).

There are actually 3 different versions of the same cake.  Here’s what went down.

I made the cake several days in advance, before I left town for the graduation.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted an inscription on it, so I took some before photos. 

Then I wrote a crooked inscription in bright purple icing and mentally kicked myself for not being able to write in a straight line.  That’s version 1 and 2, version 3 is where things get exciting.

We got checked in to the hotel room and were leaving to my Aunt’s house (with the cake).  My little one got away from my mom and went running gleefully down the hall with my 4 year old laughing (loudly) and running after him.  Which made a little boy (about 5) from another hotel room open his door.  Not a problem except that he had a PITBULL with him and his door slammed shut behind him.  Now we had a crying kid (who was in the hotel room alone – parenting fail), a big scary dog and several people who are afraid of dogs.  We left my brother (who was not afraid of dogs, but holding the cake) with the dog while we went to go find someone to let this poor kid back into his room.  Long story short, the parents came back, yelled at the kid for leaving the room, & startled the dog, who pulled on his leash and jolted my brother, who dropped the cake.

So most of the decorations fell off the cake but it stayed mostly intact, but (decorator fail) I didn’t bring more icing for patchwork.  So I ended up mending the poor cake with the gloopy store-bought gel icing.  And that is version 3, which you see here.

Despite its adventures, the cake was still delicious and now it’s got a fun story behind it to boot!

If you’re interested in making a cake like this here are the supplies you’ll need, the construction is pretty self explanatory.

Supplies used:

*1/2 recipe White Almond Sour Cream Cake, baked in 8 inch pans
*1 recipe Buttercream icing, almond flavored, small portion tinted purple
*1 recipe Marshmallow Fondant, white with a small portion tinted black, and a very small potion tinted purple
*Sugar Pearls tinted with Purple Luster Dust


  1. Well done to you for making something so special for your brother! it's never easy transporting the finished cakes and yours certainly got an adventure on the way. I like the design of the collar with the rosary, looks simple and effective but just as tricky to get neat. Best wishes to your brother in his new busy life!


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