Did Someone Say, "Bacon?"

For some time, my husband and his friends have been joking that we should host a “bacon night”.  With his 29th birthday imminent, I decided to accept the challenge and put on a Bacon Night!  We invited 10 of his friends and made all manner of bacon themed apps and desserts (recipes will come in following weeks).

Here’s a look at our baconated night:
Started off with 4 pounds of bacon

Bacon Caramel Corn = Mind Blowingly Awesome

Bacon Cloverleafs were a huge hit!

Piggy Cookies (with Bacon)

Lots of laughs with friends

Can't forget a piggy cake for the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday, Honey!


  1. All those bacon foods look yummy!!

  2. This is totally adorable. My husband would love this.

  3. Oh wow! I am not a huge bacon fan, but this looks like one cool party :) I bet you all had a blast!

  4. YUM! But the cake is the best! too cute


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