There’s a flaming cupcake on my blog today.  But it's alright, it's my birthday today!

To commemorate last year of my twenties, I’ve put together thirty recipes that I’m going to make (and share) before I turn thirty!  30x30 is a fun assortment of recipes (some difficult, some not so much), that I’ve always wanted to make, but just haven’t.  You can keep track of my progress under the 30x30 tab at the top of the page.  I hope you all have a fun year with me!

1.           Apple Pie
2.         Bagels
3.         Baked Brie (Savory)
4.         Biscotti
5.          Bread Bowls
6.         Brownies from Scratch
7.          Buttermilk Biscuits
8.         Carrot Cake
9.         Chocolate Lava Cake
10.    Dessert Crepes
11.      Egg Drop Soup
12.     English Muffins
13.     Fancy Easter Eggs
14.     French Onion Soup
15.     Grandma’s Caramel Rolls
16.     Grandma’s Chicken & Noodles
17.     Grandma’s Garlic Sour Cream Twists
18.    Homemade Pasta
19.     Homemade Tortillas
20.   Knoephla Soup
21.     Mom’s Fudge Jumbles
22.   Omelets
23.   Oven Baked Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
24.   Peppermint Patties
25.    Pesto
26.   Pitas
27.    Potato Bread
28.   Pretzels
29.   Salsa
30.   Snickerdoodles


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yay for you! :) The list is a fabulous idea - it is my last year in twenties too! :) Have a wonderful day, Amy! Hugs!

  2. A very cool project. It will be fun following along.. Good Luck and Happy Birthday

  3. Have a fabulous birthday
    Lovely idea

  4. Sounds like a worthy project! :) Go for it, and i look forward to seeing the results! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Amy! Hope you had a fabulous day! I LOVE your list of 30 recipes. What a great idea! Looking forward to when you make biscotti. I haven't had great success with that so far....a little too dense and better used as a door stop! So I'll be staying tuned! : )

  6. Wow! We appear to be much alike - I have my sixth anniversary next week too, and am also working on a 30x30 (although I only have a few cooking items.) #18? Impressive!!


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