What’s in the Bag?

Today’s bonus post departs from the regular recipe line up for a fun time out with the kids.  Rachelle at Tinkerlab created a fun challenge this month.  Followers were invited to create an activity for children using paper bags and share it with others.

For this challenge, I created the game: What’s in the Bag?

While both of my boys (18 months and 4 years) enjoyed the activity, it was more specifically designed for my preschooler since it an exploration activity that focuses on deductive reasoning.

To do this activity you will need:
4 paper bags
5-8 Matchbox cars
5-8 building blocks
Handful of cottonballs
Large handful Cheerios

While the kids aren’t around, fill each bag with one group of  items and tape or staple them closed.

I left one of each item out on the table as a visual cue for my son.  Then comes the fun part.  Call the kids in and let the exploration begin!

Ask children to do the following:

1.      Lift the bag.  Is it heavy or light?
2.    Shake the bag. Is it loud or quiet?
3.    Squish the bag.  Is it soft or hard? Big or small?

After handling the bags, children make predictions about what is in the bag.  Then the kids open the bags (it’s like opening presents!) and see if their predictions were correct!



  1. SO much fun! This would be a great activity for my boys, too!

  2. This is such an awesome idea! Would you mind if I pinned it to pinterest?

  3. I wouldn't mind at all! Happy Pinning!

  4. I loved this game, this is just so creative! I bet you had so much fun with your kids)))))


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