Hummus Egg Salad

Egg salad is one of my favorite ways to use up all of those hardboiled eggs leftover from Easter.  Traditionally I have used Miracle Whip as my binding, but this time I wanted to cut the calories and add some fiber, but without compromising the taste.  Cue Spicy Hummus!

The flavors of the hummus mimicked the flavors or Miracle Whip and had a similar texture.  I think I have a new favorite!

Hummus Egg Salad
An Amy Original

5 large hard boiled eggs, peeled
1 recipe Spicy Hummus
½ tsp mustard
Salt & pepper to taste

Chop or grate the eggs into a medium bowl.  Stir in the hummus, mustard, salt and pepper until well combined.  For best results, chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours before serving.

For a fun appetizer or snack, serve on Roasted Vegetable Ritz Crackers with a slice of avocado and a sprinkling of crumbled bacon.