Reindeer Cookies

When I made my gingerbread men, I used half of my dough to make Reindeer Cookies.  This is a fun little cookie that kids enjoy (who doesn’t like a cute little reindeer?) plus you can reserve some of them and let the little guys help decorate the faces.

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I don’t have any exact measurements for you on this one, since I only used part of my cookie dough (the rest made gingerbread men).  There are a lot of ways to vary this one.  You can basically use any rolled dough, homemade or refrigerated.  I used gingerbread, but sugar cookie or peanut butter cookie dough would also be great!  I used the M&M’s to make faces in half of my reindeer and let my 2 year old and his friend decorate the rest (those reindeer have very abstract faces!)

Reindeer Cookies
Adapted from Mr. Food

A batch of your favorite cookie dough, fresh or refrigerated (I used Gingerbread)
Pretzel twists
1 bag of Holiday M&M candies

Roll and cut out your cookies in 2-inch rounds.  On the cookie sheet, press 2 pretzels into the dough to make antlers.  Push 3 candies into the cookie to make eyes and a nose (or omit this step and frost the face later).  Bake as directed on your recipe.  Cool completely.

If you did not press candies in to make a face, frost each cookie with Powdered Sugar Icing and let your children decorate using mini chocolate chips, raisins, and sprinkles.