Buffalo Chicken Burgers and How I Blog with 2 Young Children

One of my friends recently asked me how I manage to cook and blog while having two little ones.  I thought I would address the question here on the blog.  To start, I browse recipes and type my posts on my lap top while I nurse the baby.  This often requires some mad one-hand typing skills, but I am a crazy multi-tasker and get bored easily, so it works.  Then, when I cook, I either put him in the bouncy seat while the 2 year old plays or watches from a stool, or this…

Yep, more often than not I have the baby in my sling while I am cooking meals or baking.  It frees up my hands and makes a happy, sleepy baby J

So on to the recipe!

Here in the Midwest we’ve had a resurgence of summer in the midst of cool fall temperatures.  Since I don’t want to heat up the house with the oven, it’s back to the grill!

Usually when I make buffalo chicken breasts, we eat them dipped in blue cheese or ranch.  But, this time I wanted something different.  I had some store made guacamole in the refrigerator leftover from the baptism and thought that the cool flavors of the guacamole would complement the heat of the buffalo sauce.  I wanted to add a little smokiness with some bacon, but did not want to fry just 2 slices of bacon (I really hate stinking up the house with bacon), so I went to my old stand-by: bacon bits.  This makes for a quick, easy summertime (or fall) meal that tastes great and doesn’t heat up the house!

Buffalo Chicken Burgers

2 (3-4 oz) chicken breasts
2-4 tbsp Franks Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce
2 hamburger buns
4 tbsp guacamole
1 tbsp Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits
2 leaves of lettuce

Cook chicken on the grill at low heat.  Baste chicken with buffalo sauce continually during cooking.

Once chicken is fully cooked, place one chicken breast on each hamburger bun and top with lettuce.

Spread 2 tbsp guacamole on each hamburger bun.  Top with bacon bits.  Place on the bottom half.




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